Change log – January

Dear traders,


Please take a look at our latest updates and improvements. You can access previous entries of our Change Log here.


January 22, 2018

Major wallets software update:
  • New technology for managing tokens components
  • greatly increasing the stability of deposits and withdrawals
  • Significantly reduced time for maintenance
  • Wallets’ software general update

Widget update:
  • Refactoring of My Orders and Trades widget


January 19, 2018

Chat updates:
  • UI improvements
  • Upgrades in Moderator functions in pop-out mode

  • Minor bugfixes


January 17, 2018

API updates:
  • Response time for order placement improved
  • Significantly improved system stability under high loads

  • UI improvements of System Health and Account pages


January 12, 2018

Major update:
  • System Health page introduced, providing with real-time statuses on the wallets availability as well as number of transactions awaiting processing. Read more.

  • Minor bugfixes


January 9, 2018

Major update:
  • Deposit fees for ETH, USDT and all tokens implemented.