Introducing System Health Page

Dear traders,


Transparency and reliability are among HitBTC core values since its launch in 2013. We want to keep being a trusted partner for our traders and relentlessly seek new ways to do it.


We are proud to introduce System Health page to provide you with timely updates regarding current state of HitBTC systems and services. It is a tool enabling our traders to monitor availability and performance on our platform in real time.


The page currently includes the following information:


  • Status for Deposits for every currency along with the number of pending deposits.
  • Statuses for Transfers, Withdrawals and Trading
  • The number of withdrawals processed by HitBTC and waiting to be confirmed by the network
  • Number of withdrawals waiting to be processed by HitBTC
  • Maintenance status for the currency


System Health page is in alpha state and will be further improved to provide maximum transparency in accordance with our high standards and allow deeper insight into the functioning of the platform.


We would like to take a chance to note that our approach to resolving the problems is cause-oriented. If we encounter a malfunction, we go beyond treating the symptoms, but identify and fix the root causes. It is often significantly more energy and time-consuming, yet we stick to it because it helps us build a solid base for the future.



HitBTC Team