Join HitBTC official social media channels !

Join HitBTC official social media channels !

Dear Traders and HitBTC Community,

HitBTC is proud to serve worldwide trading community and be the top choice for those traders who value fast execution, great variety of instruments, ample liquidity and robust trading volumes!

To get the up-to-date information about HitBTC, including the latest news and announcements, please follow our official social media channels:

The social media channels are administered by our official representatives and we welcome your comments and messages in Twitter and Reddit.

Please note: the links above lead to the only official social media channels of HitBTC. All other groups, channels and accounts on any social media platforms are not supported by us and we do not communicate with users through them. We encourage you to exercise caution when joining any other social media channels and groups, which claim to be associated with HitBTC, as you might become a victim of scam, phishing and any other forms of online fraud!