What is FIX API?
FIX (Financial Information Exchange) is an internationally recognized electronic trading protocol designed specifically for transferring substantial amounts of financial information among market participants in real time. FIX has established a reputation as the most efficient protocol for performing all types of financial operations across all asset classes.
HitBTC's FIX API, based on FIX protocol 5.0, is a fast, stable, and secure way to connect to the exchange platform, receive market information and place orders using your own trading software.
Integrate any custom platform into the secure environment of the most advanced crypto exchage since 2013.
Advantages of HitBTC's FIX API
Minimal latency
and instant connectivity 24/7
Highly secure
and safe
Full access
to the HitBTC instruments and liquidity
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Who will benefit
from HitBTC's FIX API
Institutional partners/investors
Brokers and corporations
Private traders
Hedge funds and asset managers
Research companies
Rating agencies