Zero-Fee Transfers, Staking Without Asset Locking, and other Updates of the HitBTC Wallet App

Zero-Fee Transfers, Staking Without Asset Locking, and other Updates of the HitBTC Wallet App

A year ago, in September 2021, HitBTC launched its cryptocurrency wallet App. Focused on providing an outstanding customer experience, the app allows its users to easily buy digital assets with their credit and debit cards, and exchange tokens and coins.

Since then, we have added a number of improvements, and it is time to share them with you.

What’s New?

One of the newest developments allows both iPhone and Android owners to send out zero-fee off-chain transfers to other HitBTC users. Also, knowing that the crypto wallet addresses might be confusing or simply inconvenient, we have added the ability to transfer digital assets to other HitBTC users by their email, user ID, and anonymous links.

We are working on timely updating both app versions, yet some App Store and Google Play updates are slightly different. Specifically, Android users can now stake their crypto without locking their balance.

Apart from that, all the users can now enjoy a new, more intuitive interface for the send and receive screens.

We have a lot of new features scheduled for the near future, so stay tuned!

About the HitBTC Wallet App

HitBTC wallet is a perfect match for users taking their first steps in the world of cryptocurrency thanks to its intuitive interface and vital on-ramp functionality. The app enables easy crypto purchases with VISA, MasterCard, Apple Pay, and other popular payment methods, allowing you to buy over  digital currencies.

Your assets are secured with 2FA, biometry or face ID, and can be managed from other devices. Bank-level supervision and innovative security measures protect your funds from fraudsters. Besides, being a custodial wallet, we can always help regain access to your account in case of loss or another emergency.

The app contains the latest coin news from reputable media sources, so you can make informed decisions regarding your portfolio alterations. Last but not least, the wallet boasts some of the lowest fees in the crypto market.

Сrypto wallet App

The HitBTC crypto wallet is a free and simple solution for beginners.

App on Android and iOS.

Fees and Limits update

We have recently updated our Fees and Limits. For the latest updates, please visit the Fees and Limits section on our website here.

HitBTC Mobile App

Do not forget that you can trade on our platform from your mobile device. Start today by downloading the HitBTC App on Android and iOS.