What You Can Already Do in Web 3.0

What You Can Already Do in Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is coming, but it is not yet present in full force. While builders are making it happen, users can already dip their toes into the upcoming internet reality.

Although the majority of the Web3 applications are still a work in progress and are likely to alter and, hopefully, advance, those wishing to dive into the Web 3.0 depth and participate in establishing the new internet can easily do so.

In this piece, we are exploring three most common Web3 applications, which will give you a sense of what Web 3 is all about.

Become an NFT Creator

Ever thought of launching your own NFT collection? Inspired by the immediate success of some NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks, adventurous artists have started issuing their own non-fungibles. The good news is that anyone can join the digital art movement, as it is relatively easy and affordable.

Although images are the most widespread form of NFT, you can mint audio files and video clips, too. The NFT market is diverse and it can be difficult to determine the price for your digital art. You are free to set any price but bear in mind that the most expensive NFTs generally have a strong community of supporters. Make sure to join the community of NFT enthusiasts beforehand so you can market your art later. Connect with other artists, participate in events, and make yourself visible. On top of that, contribute to your community regularly: AMA sessions, live streams, and giveaways are only a few things you can try out.

Marketing will get way easier once you build your personal brand and establish yourself in the community.

Play Blockchain Games

Web3 is also changing the world of online gaming, enabling the players to engage with the content in a new, decentralized way – and you can get a taste of it already. While people play to earn using cryptocurrencies and NFTs, they gain control over gaming processes, taking the power away from game publishers.

To put things into perspective: in traditional gaming, in-game assets can often be bought with fiat money or claimed as rewards, but at the end of the day, they still belong to the game operators. Besides, all game data ends up on servers and players have no means of accessing it.

Blockchain-powered Web3 gaming solves all these issues and allows players to truly own and trade their digital assets to earn a profit. After all, the sole ownership of their characters and hard-earned in-game items is the ultimate dream of any enthusiastic gamer.

Apart from playing, you can also invest in blockchain games by buying and holding the game tokens. For instance, AXS is one of the most famous and well-established projects that has been around for a while. At HitBTC, you can also stake your AXS and get additional profit.

Invest in Crypto

If you are neither an artist nor a gamer, the easiest way to interact with the rising Web3 world is to invest in platforms working in the sector. In fact, just the mere act of buying cryptocurrency makes you, in a way, a Web3 user.

Decentralized finance is a massive and multifunctional space that is open to anyone who is willing to participate. Decentralized exchanges, crypto staking and lending, and even simple holding are some of the activities available for the public.

Purchasing tokens and coins of Web3-related platforms and holding or staking them for a certain period of time helps businesses grow and, at the same time, earns you some extra income. Crypto trading exchanges like HitBTC offer a wide range of investment opportunities for beginners and advanced users.

Since Web3 will usher in an era of financial freedom, it is about time you figure out new ways to control and multiply your wealth. Investing will take new forms, too. Apart from traditional buying and holding, HitBTC crypto exchange offers liquid staking options with multiple coins to choose from and up to 40% APY. With liquid staking, you no longer need to lock up your funds for a specific time period, which gives you way more flexibility.

The Bottom Line

While Web3 developers are building the new internet, we can already contribute by testing out new products. NFTs, DeFi, blockchain gaming, and crypto investing are just a few trending innovations that  can be easily embraced.

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