USG Free Trading Day on HitBTC

USG Free Trading Day on HitBTC

To celebrate its recent addition to our platform, we are pleased to announce that between 12:00 (UTC) on May 25th to 12:00 (UTC) on May 26th, 2020 we will offer free trading on all USGold (USG) trading pairs including.


USG tokens are issued and administered via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain where each token is a direct representation of an American Eagle one-ounce gold coin, minted by the United States of America. Learn more about the project here.

During the “Free Trading Day,” there will be 0 trading fees for both makers and takers on HitBTC for the USG token.

How to take part?

1. Create an account on HitBTC or sign in to your existing account
2. Trade USG against a trading pair of your choice

Good luck and happy trading!