The Advantages of HitBTC API

The Advantages of HitBTC API

We’re working hard to bring you the best trading experience. There are some awesome features we’ve been working on. Not to pat ourselves on the back but many of our competitors don’t offer this options yet we find they are of great help when using your own software to trade. If you’re not familiar with our API yet you can get to know more here.


Firstly what is an API?


If you are interested in this article, you probably already know that API stands for Application Programming Interface. This is a system that allows two different pieces of software interact with each other in a more efficient way. Although communication can also happen without an API, with it the efficiency of the communication is much greater.


The advantage of using API for getting different pieces of software to interact is that this way the communication is standardized and documented that makes the flow of information more direct. This will give you real-time data and allows many other features to work faster and more swiftly.


What is API used for?


This is for when you want to use your own trading software and your strategies to link to our exchange. Although you do not need separate software to execute trades, this can also be done on our web-based platform. If you want to use your own software as many traders do, you can link it with our API. For example, this is great when you want to use your own bespoke indicators for technical analysis and we keep working hard to make it work as well as possible to give you the perfect trading experience.


Why HitBTC is the exchange of choice for advanced Bitcoin traders


At the moment, only a few crypto-exchanges bring big-world technologies and standards:


  • Our APIs support all functions provided by the exchange
  • We have multiple APIs covering different needs: FIX, REST, Streaming, and socket
    • FIX and Streaming are perfect for high-frequency trading: the speed of execution depends only on network delays (less than one millisecond)
    • Socket delivers market data quickly
    • REST gives you opportunities to receive market data, to execute orders, and to manage funds (deposits, transfers, payouts). It’s also the easiest to start and experiment with.


Here are some of the features that our traders have brought to our attention:


  • It’s possible to generate a new address multiple times – a lot of our competitors have turned this feature off
  • You can execute all kind of orders with the API: limit, market, stop, stop limit
  • You can choose between multiple time-in-force options
  • We return the true status of the payout, not just “finished”
  • Client order ID can be assigned and customized for each order, which allows to request the status of the trade. This useful little addon improves your API trading experience – this way you can find out whether there was an error on placing a trade. A lot of our competitors do not give much info on trades that were not placed through API due to some sort of an error. With us you can always go back and check all of your transactions.


Our work is not done


You have many advantages when using our API and our goal is to keep improving. Our developers and product managers have many years of expertise with financial software. Their deep experience in the trading world is what allows us to give you software and features that are well thought out and focus on finding the best solutions for traders.


We have been getting awesome feedback from you guys, however if there are some more improvements to our software to help you along, do please get in touch!


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