The 3rd Silverway (SLV) Trading Contest on HitBTC

The 3rd Silverway (SLV) Trading Contest on HitBTC

We are excited to announce that we will hold a third SLV trading contest with a prize pool of 100,000 SLV tokens to give away to a number of lucky winners.

The contest will run from 00:00 (UTC) on March 12th to 00:00 (UTC) on March 21st, 2020.

How to take part?

Trade SLV against BTC on our platform during the contest period.
Your SLV balance at the end of the contest cannot be lower than your SLV balance at the start.
Wait to see if you were one of the lucky winners. Users will be ranked in terms of their net buys of SLV during the contest period (buys minus sells).

Prizes and Positions

Prize pool: 100,000 SLV

1st prize: 33,000 SLV
2nd prize: 22,000 SLV
3rd prize: 14,000 SLV
4th prize: 7,000 SLV
5th-10th prize: 4,000 SLV

Accumulate more SLV by showcasing your best trading skills.

Good luck and happy trading!

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