Tachyon Protocol (IPX) Trading Contest on HitBTC

Tachyon Protocol  (IPX) Trading Contest on HitBTC

We are pleased to announce that we will hold a Tachyon Protocol (IPX) trading contest on our platform with a prize pool of 216,445 IPX tokens from 00:00 (UTC) on March 24th to 00:00 (UTC) on April 7th, 2020.

How to participate?

  1. Trade IPX against BTC during the contest period.
  2. Wait until the end of the contest period to see if you won. Users will be ranked on their buy and sell trade volumes during the contest.

Prizes and Positions

1st prize – 90,000 IPX
2nd prize – 50,000 IPX
3rd prize – 30,000 IPX
4th prize – 15,000 IPX
5the prize – 10,000 IPX
6th to 10th prizes – 4289 IPX

Good luck and happy trading!

Apply now: https://hitbtc.com/trading-contest/45

Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy towards wash trading and other unfair trading strategies. Those suspected of wash trading will be excluded from the list of winners.