Statement on Monero wallets upgrade

Dear traders,

Earlier this month we have upgraded the Monero wallets by adding the new Master Private Key (MPK) in order to make trading more secure. It is our job to yield maximum security for our traders’ funds after the upcoming Monero fork to eliminate the chance of fraudulent occurrences.

We are kindly asking you to generate a new XMR wallet address, as we will soon halt the automatic deposit completion for the old ones. To avoid your funds being stuck at an old address please ensure that you have updated your account with the new and secure one before 1 October. This is the date when depositing to old addresses will be suspended.

However, if you accidentally deposit funds to an old wallet address after we have switched, your funds will be still safe – but to access these funds, you will have to make a manual transfer to the new wallet with a help of our support team. Please note that this operation could take up more than two weeks.

To avoid confusion and any inconvenience when depositing your XMR, please check that your address has been updated.

On guard of your security,
HitBTC team