Our statement on BitcoinCash support

Dear traders,

Since the Bitcoin improvement proposal (BIP-91) had been agreed on, it seemed like Bitcoin crisis is averted and the market-shaking fork won’t take place. Bitcoin development community decided to embrace the software upgrade called SegWit2x, which aims to increase network’s transaction capacity.

But it turns out that still there are controversies left to resolve. BitcoinCash (BCH) development team had announced that they will go ahead with a fork on August 1st. The essence of their project is to increase the block size to 8 Mb, providing protection from replay and wipeout attacks. And they do not support SegWit. Hard fork is extremely likely to expect.


Our mission here is to protect your funds and provide you with the most flexible and up-to-date market tools. From now on you are able to purchase BitcoinCash futures (BCHF) right here on HitBTC, even before the hard fork. Trading pairs to BTC, ETH and USD are available. Once hard fork takes place, these futures are going to be transformed into BCH.

Also those who store a certain amount of BTC on their accounts, will receive the same amount of BCH. We assure you that all Bitcoin funds, stored on exchange, will be safe before, during and after the fork process.


For further information take a look at our statement.

HitBTC Team