Official statement on AMM (MicroMoney) token markets issue

This post has been updated on December 12.

Dear traders,

December 2, 2017 MicroMoney token markets at HitBTC exchange fell under the fraudulent actions which resulted in deviant token volume growth and significant price changes.

HitBTC’s security department has conducted an investigation and detected the violators. At the moment HitBTC is undertaking all necessary measures to stabilize the situation and launch legitimate AMM markets. All affected parties will get their personal support assistance.

Please note that AMM markets will stay suspended till the consequences are completely resolved. HitBTC team apologies for any inconveniences caused.


HitBTC has reopened AMM markets and trading has been resumed. We have contacted all parties involved. Should any questions arise, our support Team is here to assist. HitBTC is grateful to our partners from MicroMoney for their cooperation in resolving this issue.


HitBTC team