NXT Is Now on HitBTC

Today is a big day! Why? Because NXT is now officially available on HitBTC. Recently, the NXT coin won our ongoing vote, and though the integration process took longer than was originally planned, we have successfully added the NXT to HitBTC. We are convinced that trading BTC/NXT with HitBTC will be a great experience for everybody.

This event is also accompanied by our exclusive offer – just for two weeks starting today 0% fees apply for all trades with NXT vs. BTC. Moreover, NXT is now available for demo trading allowing for testing of your trading strategy before you use it on a real market.

Furthermore, other exciting changes occurred to improve our service – we redesigned the landing page to include more information and we added the Guest Mode on the site. With the Guest Mode, you can now view our market data, charts and order book even if you are not registered on HitBTC.