New features

Dear traders,

HitBTC is happy to announce that we’ve added several new features to our platform to make your trading experience even better!

Few upgrades were made to Account Summary report. Now you can see updates on the latest transactions by last change you made and export them to pdf.


Trade analysis – whole new statistics set for you to trade even smarter. Our platform now provides data on few new metrics, for example:

Closing rate – last trade rate in the reported period, which is relevant in calculation of potential profit/loss you can make by closing current Position at Closing Rate.

Break even rate – if market rate reaches this value, total p&l will be zero. If you hold positive Position, you are able to make profit when current rate is more than Break even rate. If your position is negative, you are able to make profit when current rate is less than Break even rate.


And a few more – check them out!

For those of you who enjoy trading several currency pairs at the same time we added new filters to My orders report, giving you the ability to see full stats on all transactions with possibility to filter by only active ones.


Also our stats now deliver overview of all trades per order in details and CSV export.

We implemented convenient zoom and navigate trading schedule system.

And added Chat for traders enabling the opportunity to talk to other traders any time of the day on technical analysis and market moving events or something – we know you’ll love it.

And the best news for the end! We’ve added new tradable assets. Please welcome ARDOR, ZCASH, and WAVES. Want to get to know them better?