Major API updates

Dear traders!

HitBTC continues to bring you progressive cutting-edge tools to meet your trading needs. Today we are unveiling the main features of our upgraded trading API that will enable you to make a step up in advanced trading and create your own applications on a fast reliable basis.

We have greatly improved the technology and introduced the following features:

Cancel/Replace Order request introduced – It empowers you to selectively cancel the existing order and set a new one with edited conditions. It changes the value and the price of an open order, helping you to keep the finger on the pulse of the market.

Added OHLC candlestick data – Candlesticks charts are now available for in-depth analysis of the market. Moreover, contrary to the previous API, it’s not necessary anymore to convert units. All volumes are displayed in the base currency of the chart.

New fast, reliable and convenient REST API. The upgraded version of API is designed to be an easily compatible protocol, programmable in any available language. High response speed is another definite priority we wanted to achieve, which resulted in a greatly optimized response time.

Two-phase commit protocol for withdrawals added – A tool to manage your assets in a secure and handy way within all your applications. In greater confidence originates greater freedom, making way for creative and meaningful solutions.

Explore the variety of methods of our REST API with a convenient GUI viewer, available here. Tap into the available options and try executing the commands right there, with set parameters with or without authorisation. Experience the feel of our latest contribution to professional trading right away!

These are not the only advantages incorporated into our new API, as Socket API has also received several important updates. The implementations include swift transmission of market change data and general upgrade in speed. This enables you to get the reports for your trades instantly. Requests execution is performed in the order of their appearance, providing a predictable workflow.

Try the new API now and enjoy the innovative technologies and top-of-the-line tokens with HitBTC.