Listings: April 17 – April 24

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We are glad to update you on the new tokens listed last week on HitBTC.


GBX (Gobyte) 

GoByte is an innovative, easy to use and low fee cryptocurrency and a digital payment system which can be used on e-commerce websites and in stores. The GoByte Pay module makes

it easy for merchants to process payments from consumers in their store with a simple bar code scan. GoByte was developed as a fork of an existing cryptocurrency system Dash. It is secure and powerful, and has one of the fastest payment processing engines available as well as the ability to be anonymous if the client chooses to use that functionality.

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CVT [CyberVein] 

CyberVein is a data value monetization platform based on DAG. It contains a programming language, a virtual machine and smart contracts to build an ecological chain system and solve the problem of the data value of the information age from the technological and business perspectives. The platform uses blockchain technology and the principles of economics and applied mathematics to solve the problems that cannot be solved in a traditional network.

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B2BX is an aggregator of the cryptocurrency liquidity for marginal trading, trading with physical delivery, and distribution of liquidity to brokerage companies. The ambitious plan of the company is to make the first official B2B cryptocurrency exchange aggregator or marketplace and connect a considerable percentage of the market of Forex/DMA and Stock brokers, giving them the opportunity to provide the clients with the possibility to trade cryptocurrencies.

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GET [Themis] 

Themis is a blockchain-based fair exchange system for digital currencies. With an on-chain escrow protocol, Themis facilitates fair exchange mechanisms, enabling application to digital currency transactions, e-commerce escrow payments, security escrow for supervised accounts, multi-agent assets escrow and other options. Themis provides a new fair exchange solution for the digital world.

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MITH [Mithril] 

Mithril is a decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators. Each user’s content and social interactions generated in the Mithril ecosystem mine MITH through a process called Social Mining. The token holders will soon get a possibility to use MITH throughout the Mithril Merchant Network with online applications such as dating services, premium content channels, live-stream applications or retailers.

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