Introducing "over-the-counter" (OTC) trading

Dear traders,

Our team cares equally about our traders with all levels of experience and keeps exploring the options that can improve our clients’ trading strategies and offer greater freedom to them.

HitBTC in partnership with is introducing OTC or “over-the-counter” trading option, suitable for our advanced level traders. The concept of OTC is that two counterparties directly agree to perform a certain trade at a set price, without being obliged to go through the exchange to execute the deal.

The benefits of OTC markets on HitBTC include:

  • the trades can be made directly between two participants without a need for an exchange mediating the trade
  • nobody except for the parties of the OTC is aware of the price of the deal, as the trade isn’t shown on the public order book
  • the market price of an asset on the exchange is not affected
  • deep liquidity and competitive pricing provided by a trusted service with considerable track record
  • low fees of only 0.1%  

OTC trading can be a lucrative strategy, although not without some risks. HitBTC kindly suggests experimenting with it only if you have a solid trading experience under your belt and a well-developed sense of the market.

If you wish to explore the new option, please fill in an application form at our partner’s page. Kindly note that each trade’s volume must exceed the equivalent of $100,000.


HitBTC Team