Introducing more new coins

We have added several new exchange instruments recently. Why not learn a bit more about them?

Coins, meet our respectable HitBTC traders. Traders, meet new coins and their authors!


Gnosis (GNO). Gnosis project is aimed to create easy to use prediction market, based on the blockchain. On that market any kind of forecast can be valuable. Learn more. 


WeTrust (TRST). This is the collaborative insurance platform. Its mission is to get rid of “trusted 3rd parties”, who are represented by banks and insurance companies. Learn more.


Augur (REP). It’s an Ethereum-based decentralized prediction market that leverages the wisdom of the crowds to create a search engine for the future. Augur allows users to create their markets for specific questions they may have. Learn more.


SingularDTV (SNGLS). A first transparent database of rights and rights owners for film and television. The project tends to empower creators by giving them back control over their creative output. Learn more.


DigixGlobal (DGD). They aim to provide tokenisation the physical assets through their own “Proof of Asset” protocol. The life cycle of a physical asset (gold bar, for example) is being stored in the blockchain, allowing public verification of the asset’s existence without a centralised database. Learn more.

It’s amazing how blockchain can be used in a new unexpected ways, isn’t it?