How to Get Bitcoins?

How to Get Bitcoins?

If you are new in the world of cryptocurrencies and are wondering how you could get your hands on some Bitcoins then here are a few ways:

Receive Bitcoins as a payment


Here’s one of the few ways how you could get Bitcoin. If you run a business or have a product or a service to sell you could accept payments in Bitcoin. Collecting payments in Bitcoin is rather simple – just set up a wallet and share the address with your payees or alternatively you can set up a Bitcoin payment link on your website. If you don’t have a website you can still provide your customer with your wallet address for example via email or even by just printing it out. Another good reason why to receive payments in Bitcoin is the very low or non-existent fees. Most payment processors take a hefty cut from your profit. With Bitcoin you can keep pretty much all of it. One easy way to receive Bitcoins as a payment is with Bitpay.


The old fashioned way – buy them from someone


You can simply buy them for cash from someone you know. Even someone you don’t – lots of people are looking to sell their Bitcoin on forums. If you are into Bitcoin it is fairly easy to assume that you will also meet like minded people who you can potentially purchase Bitcoins off.





You can get Bitcoin by mining. What is mining you ask ? Mining is the process of collecting bitcoin network transactions into a list. This list is a block. The mining process confirms these transactions and adds them to Bitcoin’s public ledger. For mining Bitcoin you need a relatively powerful computer. It starts resolving a mathematical problem and once it does the reward is 1 Bitcoin. The downside of mining is you need Bitcoin mining hardware which is relatively expensive and it will also consume a lot of energy. If however you have the ability to make those investments it can turn out to be very profitable. Read more about what you need for mining here.


How to get Bitcoins


Games and mobile apps


Many games and mobile apps will give you Bitcoins as a reward. For example if you win a game you get a very small amount of Bitcoins. Or a lot of different apps also reward you with Bitcoins when you sign up for their newsletter or suggest them to a friend. With these apps the Bitcoin payouts are normally miniscule but in time if you use the app enough they could rack up a reasonable amount of Bitcoins for you.


Bitcoin faucets


Bitcoin faucets are websites that give away free bitcoins for solving some simple tasks. For example you could get some free coins for solving a captcha or viewing some ads or even solving puzzles or taking surveys. The rewards again are very small like with games and apps but if you have a lot of free time on your hands you could actually make a decent amount. Even if you don’t you could use a faucet bot for example. You can have a look at a list of faucets here.


Buy them on an exchange


If you don’t want to go through the purchasing of the hardware and finding a cool place to store it in or if you’re not too fond of games you could simply buy your Bitcoins from an exchange. HitBTC will give you Bitcoins in exchange for fiat and also many other cryptocurrencies. Get your coins here.