HitBTC will provide support for social startups helping with the COVID-19 crisis

Dear crypto community,

In response to the outbreak and continued spread of Coronavirus affecting people all over the planet, we would like to announce that we will be doing our part at HitBTC to help out socially important crypto projects that are working to combat the disease.

To that end, we are offering platform integration for digital assets developed by projects that support healthcare activities and cutting-edge science initiatives that may need computing power donations.

To apply for HitBTC support, please send an email to team@hitbtc.com, with the following information:

– Project name
– Project website
– Brief description
– White Paper
– Project GitHub profile
– All your social media profiles

It is very important that you let us know how exactly your assets contribute to the fight against COVID-19, so please make sure to address this issue as well.

We will be accepting applications up to and including May 1st.

Times are tough for many right now, but people from all different industries and walks of life have been answering the call and doing their best to make things better. HitBTC is happy to do what we can in this time of need.

Please stay safe and healthy!