HitBTC Token (HIT) Token Burn Update – October 2022

HitBTC Token (HIT) Token Burn Update – October 2022

HIT token, is the foundation of the HitBTC ecosystem. It is used to provide incentives and rewards to our traders and active members in our community.

On November 7th, we burned a total of 22,633,768 HIT tokens (about 3 million USDT). We determined the amount of burn based on the HitBTC's October trading fees, as well as token price and market conditions.

The current supply of Hit tokens stands at 1.5 billion. Since issuance in July 2021, we burned 25% of total supply and 50% of allowed 1 billion tokens as determined in the whitepaper.

Transaction Link: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x7b4ee767fa6519db4d8986d03ab6b6b9ea9b90f6d3bbdce7067e85723da9de56

For more information about the HIT Token read our frequently asked questions here.

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