Crypto Trading Made Easy: One App For All Your Money-Making Needs

Crypto Trading Made Easy: One App For All Your Money-Making Needs

In the age of money-making, new opportunities are all around us. Investing and trading have already become somewhat mainstream. For some, they serve as an additional source of income, while others have managed to challenge the traditional nine-to-five model and start trading full-time. And with the surge in Bitcoin price sparking the interest from numerous potential investors, the crypto world is getting as trending as ever.

While the increase in BTC value is a great motivator, people who have not yet dealt with crypto often struggle with where to start. Choosing the best crypto trading platform might be an overwhelming experience unless you know your shortcuts.

Crypto Trading for Beginners

Here is a thought to consider: the easiest way to start trading crypto is via a mobile app. Practically, novice traders do not need to worry about price charts, indicators, technical analysis, or other complex components just yet. The introduction to the world of coins and tokens should be simple, intuitive, and smooth. Later, you start to break down all the nuances.

The HitBTC App is a great trading assistant for anyone, regardless of background. In a matter of minutes, you can set up an account, complete a quick KYC check, add a debit card, and buy your first coin.

If you are looking for a specific asset, chances are it is already listed on the HitBTC exchange. The app supports over a thousand cryptocurrencies including well-known ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), or Ripple (XRP), as well as hundreds of aspiring new tokens.

Getting Advanced

Once you figure out the basics of the crypto space and do some market research, you will probably want to move on to the next stage. The HitBTC app will also work for more advanced users as it features all the necessary tools for professional trading and building up the perfect strategy.


In terms of basic functionality, the platform supports market and limit orders alongside spot and margin trading, allowing you to increase profits through leverage. More demanding and experienced traders can also benefit from thinking ahead and earning up to x100 with crypto futures.

Additionally, the HitBTC app users have access to real-time pricing data, cumulative trading volume, price change chart, and other handy tools to enhance their trading experience.

Security First

HitBTC has always been a security-focused exchange: the platform implements all the cutting-edge safety measures  while keeping a close eye on new developments in the industry. Security is our number one priority as there is nothing more important than keeping your assets safe.

Fees and Support

The HitBTC app offers some of the lowest cryptocurrency exchange fees on the market. Our fee system is as transparent as it gets: we never charge extra or hide commissions. And should you have any questions or issues, our multilingual customer service team will assist you at any time.

Final Thoughts

When taking your first steps in cryptocurrency trading, it is important not to overcomplicate things. Regardless of what it may look like for beginners, anyone can gradually master trading. The use of mobile apps like HitBTC will help you gain confidence, understand the market, and start trading on the go.

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