Change Log – October

Dear traders!

HitBTC constantly explores new ways to optimize our exchange and keeps perfecting the system and tools to ensure your flawless experience. We always timely update and introduce you to such changes, and we want to take it even further. 

In our new series of blog entries “Change Log” we will be providing an overview on our record of improvement and let you witness our progress over time as well as instantly access the updates’ details. We begin with our October improvements.

October 31, 2017

Support major update:
  • New support center introduced (Read more):
      • Several major categories of knowledge base added
      • Search bar implemented for quicker problem solving
      • Tickets are now categorized for more accurate straight-to-the-point response
      • Social networks sharing option introduced
Security updates:
  • Enhanced security after password recovery (Read more)
  • 2-step verification added for changing settings of the API keys
  • Session is terminated as soon as the user agent and IP address change
Trading update:
  • Bitcoin Cash ticker changed to BCH (Read more)

  • Minor bugfixes

October 17, 2017

Terminal updates:
  • “My Trades and Orders” widget has acquired extra functionality. A currency pair is displayed by default, if clicked on, all active orders and trades are shown for all pairs.
Affiliate program updates:
  • Affiliate profit can also be displayed in ETH or USDT from now on
  • Price widget can now be shared with a customized affiliate link


HitBTC Team