Change log – 17th of November

Dear traders,

Here is a new portion of HitBTC’s latest updates and improvements. You can access previous entries of our Change Log here.

November 17, 2017

Major new feature:
  • Scaled orders (read more)
    • placing of multiple orders at once
    • convenient automated setup for desired number of orders or preferred price step within a certain total amount
    • custom settings for distributing the total amount depending on the price of the orders

Buy and sell widget update:
  • Stop market and Stop limit tabs eliminated. Instead we have introduced checkboxes in the tabs Market and Limit that you can tick to make a stop order.

Performance update:
  • Optimized and improved performance of the Account page

Security updates:
  • Updated algorithm for setting up and customizing 2-step verification for increased safety of the account and funds
  • Security page now features ‘Active sessions’ record with the option to terminate a certain session

  • Minor bugfixes