Blockchain and Adult Industry

Blockchain and Adult Industry
Blockchain Adult

You may easily find multiple articles about blockchain’s potential for different industries. There are lists of businesses that can benefit from going blockchain. However, many of these lists lack one of the biggest industries in the world — the adult industry. We won’t ignore the elephant in the room in this article. Instead, we will speak about the ways the adult industry embraces blockchain and why this combination can play out well for everyone involved. To avoid generalities, we will use Pleasure Network as an example — especially since its native token, Pleasure Coin, is available on HitBTC.

How Does Blockchain Improve the Adult Industry? 

Blockchain technology perfectly channels the creator-to-fan experience making the content creators the prime beneficiaries of their success. At the same time, fans can support their loved content creators directly without having to lose a large part of their donations to intermediaries. 

Cryptocurrencies help to keep the interactions with the platform private and concealed from unwanted attention. As blockchain-based solutions help to keep the encrypted data on-chain, retrieving your private data is a hard to impossible task for hackers. Of course, much depends on the quality of the platform you use and your own behavior. If you share your password or other critical info online or lose your data in a phishing attack, the info collected by the platform can get into the hands of wrongdoers.

What’s more important, adult content creators using bank accounts face numerous problems — from high fees to payment cancellations and account closures. Utilizing web3 and tokenization of the industry can seriously ease life for the people working in the adult content sector. With blockchain, content creators get free not only from studios but also from limitations imposed by financial institutions.

What Is Pleasure Coin?

Pleasure Coin ($NSFW) is the native token of the Pleasure Network. The latter is an ecosystem that includes such products as Pleasurenifty, Pleasureland, and Pleasurely. $NSFW is an ERC20 token currently based on the Polygon blockchain. The token is already available for trading on HitBTC. 

The main focus of Pleasure Network is adult content. The ecosystem is an OnlyFans competitor. Pleasure Network uses more advanced technology and offers new features and better security than the famous British platform. Safety and inclusiveness are named the priority of Pleasure Network. Pleasure Coin works with NFT markets which allow trading XXX content in the form of unique tokens.

The company is registered in the Netherlands. Initially, the platform was known as xxxNifty, and Pleasure Coin was based on Binance Smart Chain. However, the project team decided to move to the Polygon blockchain to embrace the NFT-minded community.

On Pleasure Network, the content creators can set their exclusive platforms for sharing content with their fans. The conditions and the regulation of the interactions are fully controlled by the content creators. With Pleasure Network, they build their personal space, take ownership of their self-brands, and communicate with their audience in the way they find most comfortable and reasonable. Pleasure Coin ($NSFW) serves as a universal currency and fuel for all of these platforms. Pleasure Network, as the network created especially for work with an adult content sector, suits professionals much better than traditional bank accounts.

Pleasure Network Apps

The ecosystem provides several applications. Pleasure Network names its NFT marketplace as the main app of the ecosystem. It allows content makers to create and sell unique content in the form of non-fungible tokens. The owners of this content then can hold it or resell it. Interestingly, the original creators will keep on receiving royalties from each deal. The driving power of this marketplace is Pleasure Coin ($NSFW). It makes all the transactions anonymous and safeguards users and entertainers from unwanted attention, chargebacks, account blocks, and other problems. is promoted as the world’s first adult social platform. Via Pleasurely, content creators can interact online via live streaming to have nude gameplays, give instructions, or stream solo videos, including cosplay or other themed videos, etc. Another option is messaging via the 1-to-1 chats. Fans can subscribe to the accounts of favorite entertainers to keep in touch with the new content. Apart from that, fans can tip their favorite content creators at $NSFW. Another product is It serves as a multi-chain minter and the platform for secondary sales. It helps create NFT projects and selling/buying tokens.

Another application in the Pleasure Network ecosystem is Pleasureland. It is a metaverse space with themed NFT-real estate by Pleasure Network in it. In Pleasureland buildings (e.g., in Pink Tower), people can throw parties or spend time with their significant others in the virtual realm, etc. On top of that, if you own the Pleasureland property, you can earn it via renting out. Pleasureland is governed by the community. You can get a Pink Pass to participate in decision-making. More than that, this pass grants you access to a beta version, social rewards, and other benefits. The number of pink passes is limited to 690. One more element of Pleasureland is Pink Dolls — 1380 virtual sex dolls for spending time with or renting them out.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, blockchain turns OnlyFans-like platforms into something different and new. The best side of it is that the team behind Pleasure Coin cares about content creators and sex workers — a highly vulnerable group of people. Bonding entertainers with their fans via new tools and financial incentives that can benefit both sides is yet another huge advantage that became possible with the blockchain boom. 

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