An important update on Bitcoin Gold

Dear traders,

Recently we have announced our support of Bitcoin Gold fork token, titled as BTG. According to Bitcoin Gold official statement , this fork is going to be declared by “taking a snapshot” of the Bitcoin blockchain before its height reaches 491407 and considering this block the first one of the newborn chain. BTG network is to be launched shortly afterwards, presumably on November 1st.

Within 24 hours after the snapshot fork block we will credit our Bitcoin holders with the same amount of BTG and open BTG markets, launching BTG futures trading.

Please note that Bitcoin Gold does not have yet fully formed consensus code, adequate code for testing, implemented replay protection and blockchain explorer. Moreover, Bitcoin Gold team hasn’t made any announcements or comments for a while concerning any of those issues. The possibility of hard fork not taking place at the specified date does exist, and we unfortunately cannot guarantee the opposite. We kindly inform you that futures trading of any kind includes a certain amount of risk. It’s vital to keep in mind possible consequences of any feasible outcome.

As soon as BTG opens its p2p network and  the first two blocks are mined, BTG will be open for deposit and withdrawal. We will keep you informed about any further updates.

If you have any questions or our assistance is required, please contact our support team.

HitBTC team