BeQuant Launch Aims to Shift the Competition in the Institutional Cryptocurrency Trading

BeQuant, the cryptocurrency exchange for institutions and active traders, has today announced its global launch. Developed by professionals for professionals, it will allow traders to invest in numerous crypto asset classes with one of the most reliable providers on the market.

BeQuant’s core product is partnered with established technology Multiexchange who aggregates liquidity and works with large institutions such as HitBTC. By partnering with Multiexchange, BeQuant will further establish itself as a leading exchange in the cryptocurrency space offering access to real liquidity of over $150mln in average daily traded volume.

The platform’s core matching engine is a preeminent technology, offering traders a wide range of features including real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms. The technology will appeal to market-makers, quantitative desks and active traders looking to connect via industry standard FIX or robust APIs.

The business will be helmed by George Zarya, an industry expert in cryptocurrency and institutional investment. He aims to establish BeQuant as a leader in cryptocurrency compliance and help build the reputation and reliability of the asset for investors and businesses alike.

Supporting George will be Erik Wilgenhof Plante as Chief Compliance Officer. Erik brings a wealth of knowledge to the BeQuant team, having previously helped write the cryptocurrency regulatory framework for Abu Dhabi and having served as Head of Compliance for itBit and PayPal. BeQuant applies the highest compliance standard for cryptocurrency trading and is actively at the forefront of developing regulatory legislation in the sector.

BeQuant team of FCA compliant brokers and blockchain specialists has been in the business since 2012. They ensure personalised face-to-face professional service for clients and solid technology. Primarily based in London, BeQuant will also be established in Malta, a country renowned for its cryptocurrency regulation.