Arenum (ARNM) with 60% APY is now live on HitBTC!

Arenum (ARNM) with 60% APY  is now live on HitBTC!

Arenum, the wildly successful gaming platform and $ARNM tokens allow you to become the biggest player in eSports by supercharging eSports with the Play to Earn concept.

The project  is an evolution of mobile gaming and cryptocurrency which has a feature-rich ecosystem to attract players and engage them for the long term while providing rewarding incentives for developers and gamers alike.

For the unacquainted—the Play to Earn model enables gamers to earn while they play their favorite games. Hence, it can be said with absolute certainty that we are very close to a time where earning while playing games is completely normalized, and it becomes an integral part of gamers’ lives.

Stake ARNM 

In order to be able to stake, you have to complete account verification and enable 2FA.

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