1. What is verification and do you need it?

    Verification is needed only for fiat traders. Cryptocurrency operations do not require verification.

    In order to comply with the KYC/AML standards, HitBTC uses a status-based policy for all its users. HitBTC has three main statuses for all its clients: General, Verified and Qualified, each status is subject to its own limits and rules.

  2. What is the General status?

    The General status is the basic status a user receives when he signs-up to HitBTC services. The status allows you to operate only in cryptocurrencies accepted by HitBTC. For a complete list please see the Fees & Limits page.

    Under particular circumstances, certain users may be subject to limits on cryptocurrencies.

  3. What is the Verified status?

    The Verified Status is granted to users who wish to operate with EUR and USD. The status gives you the following limits:

    Weekly (7 day rolling-frame) 2,000.00* 2,000.00
    Monthly (30 day rolling-frame) 10,000.00 10,000.00

    To verify your account, see the Account verification page.

  4. What is the Qualified status?

    The Qualified status is granted to traders who wish to operate with fiat accepted by HitBTC and would like increased limits. The status gives you the following basic limits, which can be reviewed upon request once you are granted the Qualified status:

    Weekly (7 day rolling-frame) >2,000.00 >2,000.00
    Monthly (30 day rolling-frame) >10,000.00 >10,000.00

    To upgrade your status to Qualified, please contact the compliance manager at

  5. How limits are calculated?

    If you are withdrawing in multiple currencies or you are using multiple bank accounts, please be aware that the transaction limits are cumulative.

    Limits are calculated across all currencies (i.e. if you withdraw 50 EUR, your USD limits will also decrease based on the EUR exchange rate at that moment). If you have various bank accounts linked to your HitBTC account, the limits are applied to your bank accounts as a group.