1. Why I cannot place an order for all my account balance?

    Please note that market orders imply that you should have reserve funds on your account. If you want to place an order for the total amount of funds on your account, you can place a limit order.

  2. How do I read the trading graph?

    For more information on how to read the trading charts, we suggest that you consult dedicated resources.

  3. Why I cannot trade with the deposited funds?

    Please note that you need to transfer your funds to the Trading account to start trading.

  4. What types of orders are available at HitBTC?

    The following order types are available for trading: market, good-til-canceled, good-til-date/time, day, immediate-or-cancel, fill-or-kill.

  5. Where can I see my trading history?

    You can see your trading history by clicking the Trading History in the menu on the top of the HitBTC page. Note that to see the trading history you need to be logged in to your HitBTC account.

  6. How are rebates calculated?

    An order which will not be executed immediately will be granted a 0.01% rebate on execution. Please also note that if you see a "-" (minus) sign in the Fee column of the Trading History tab, it means you received a rebate and will not pay a fee.

  7. How do I connect an API?

    To connect to the HitBTC API, please use the following endpoint: Please note that you are required to create an API key in your account Settings. You can also find useful information on our Github page.

  8. I have 0.015 BTC on my Trading account. Why can't I buy USD for the whole sum?
    The minimum lot size of BTC/USD at HitBTC is 0.01 BTC. This means that the system only creates orders with a procurement quantity that does not fall short of the minimum lot size. The minimum lot size varies for different instruments.
  9. Can I pick off my own orders?
    Yes. Self-trading is possible at HitBTC, please keep in mind that double trading fees are incurred any time you pick off your own order.
  10. What is the minimum amount of each currency I can buy?

    Please note that you can only put an order with a procurement quantity that does not fall short of the minimum lot size.

    Pair Lot size
    EURGBP 1 €
    EURUSD 1 €
    GBPUSD 1 £
    BTCUSD 0.01 ฿
    BTCEUR 0.01 ฿
    LTCUSD 0.1 Ł
    LTCEUR 0.1 Ł
    LTCBTC 0.1 Ł
    DOGEBTC 1000 D
    XMRBTC 0.01 XMR
    BCNBTC 100 BCN
    XDNBTC 100 XDN
    ETHBTC 0.001 ETH
    FCNBTC 0.01 ฿
    QCNBTC 0.01 ฿