Fiat operations

  1. How do I add a Bank Account?

    To link a Bank account to your HitBTC account please navigate to the Account section, press Add new bank account, fill in the necessary information and click Save.

  2. Can a third person credit my HitBTC account?

    At present, HitBTC only accepts transfers from the bank accounts linked to your HitBTC account. All the funds sent to your account from third parties will be credited back to their bank accounts, and the transactions will incur chargeback fees.

  3. Can you cancel my withdrawal?

    A fiat withdrawal can be cancelled while the transaction still shows in your account as "pending". To cancel the withdrawal, please contact the HitBTC Support team.

  4. Can you cancel my deposit (e.g. wrong amount or wrong bank requisites)?

    You can cancel your fiat deposit if it has not yet been credited to your HitBTC account. You need to contact the HitBTC Support team to initiate the cancellation. The money will be charged back, and the payment will incur the processing fees.

  5. What are transfer fees?
    International Bank Transfer fees
    The minimum amount for bank transfer is 1 EUR and 10 USD.
    Currency Deposit Withdrawal
    EUR SEPA Zone No fee (0%)
    Outside SEPA €6
    SEPA Zone €0.9 (0%)
    Outside SEPA €6
    USD Flat rate $9 Flat rate $9
    GBP Flat rate £5 Flat rate £5

    These are the fees collected by HitBTC, in some cases your Bank may charge you additional fees upon wire-in or wire-out operations. These fees are at the discretion of your Bank and are in no way associated with HitBTC's fee schedule. Note that SEPA payments are processed within three days and deposits are charged no commission fees, as for the worldwide market, SWIFT transfers take up to ten days.

  6. How long does a deposit take?

    A bank wire transfer typically takes 1-5 business days to reach our account. SEPA zone transfers usually take 1-3 business days.

  7. What are the deposit/withdrawal limits?
    Account status Daily limits for deposits and withdrawals Weekly limits for deposits and withdrawals

    Must provide documents as outlined on the website and make a micro deposit.

    *Limits can be individually raised up to 10,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) a day  50,000 (USD, EUR or GBP) per 1 week.

    2,000 USD, EUR or GBP 10,000 USD, EUR or GBP

    Must provide notarized documents as outlined on the website and make a micro deposit.

    *Limits can be individually raised.

    10,000 USD, EUR or GBP 50,000 USD, EUR or GBP

    AML details
    Please note that by default, all clients are granted the General status, which lets you fund/withdraw cryptocurrencies without any limits.

  8. Will my account be credited if I sent a deposit exceeding my current limits?

    The deposit will be split in parts and credited to your account within several days, according to your current limits.

    For example, your status is Verified and your daily EUR transfer limit is 2,000.00 EUR. You make a deposit of 5,000.00 EUR in one transaction. This means, your HitBTC account will be credited with 2,000 EUR on the day the funds reach HitBTC, 2,000.00 EUR will be credited on the next day and 1,000.00 EUR in two days.

    In case you do not want your deposit to be processed as described above, you can contact our Support team and ask them to cancel the payment and return the funds to your bank account.