Cryptocurrency operations

  1. What is the minimal BTC or LTC deposit or withdrawal?

    The minimal amount for deposits and withdrawals is 0.001 BTC or LTC.

  2. What are HitBTC's fees for crypto currency withdrawals?
    Digital Currency Transfer Fees
    Currency Deposit Withdrawal (Network Fee)
    BTC No fee Flat rate 0.0001 ฿
    LTC No fee Flat rate 0.001 Ł
    DOGE No fee Flat rate 1 D
    NXT No fee Flat rate 1 NXT
    BCN No fee Flat rate 0.01 BCN
    XDN No fee Flat rate 0.001 XDN
    QCN No fee Flat rate 0.005 QCN
    XMR No fee Flat rate 0.1 XMR
    MCN No fee Flat rate 0.000001 MCN
    FCN No fee Flat rate 0.000001 FCN
  3. Why my BCN/XDN/XMR/QCN/FCN deposit does not show up on my HitBTC account?

    Each time you make a cryptonote deposit to your wallet, you need to specify the Payment ID along with the address of the exchange. If you suddenly realize that you failed to specify the payment ID, please do not worry. In such a case, your funds will reach the HitBTC's wallet, and the issue can be easily solved. You just need to contact the HitBTC Support Team and provide them with the exact sum, date and transaction hash of your payment.This refers to BCN, XDN, XMR, QCN, FCN only.

  4. Can you cancel my transaction?

    Unfortunately, a cryptocurrency transaction cannot be cancelled once it is initiated. We are sorry if you in a situation when you need to cancel your transaction, but there is really nothing we can do at this point.

  5. What if I transfer coins to a wrong cryptocurrency wallet (e.g. LTC to BTC wallet)?

    The coins will not show up on the wrong currency wallet and keeping in mind that cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible the payment will be lost forever. Please carefully check all payment details before initiating a transfer.

  6. Can I transfer funds from my HitBTC account to another HitBTC account?

    No, this service is currently not provided.

  7. I have 0.1000000001 on my Trading account. Can I transfer the full sum to the Main account?
    The minimum transfer sum is 1 satoshi, or 0.00000001 BTC. The smaller amounts of Bitcoin will remain unavailable on your Trading account till the total sum reaches 1 satoshi, which you are able to transfer to the Main account.