1. How does it work?

    After joining HitBTC affiliate partner can create unique referral links and start referring visitors to HitBTC. Affiliate partner can promote the link itself or add it to HitBTC price widget and put it on his/her site/blog/mining pool. Affiliate partner earns commissions from each trading operation done by referral traders. Referrals receive a bonus from HitBTC - 50% trading fee discount for during their first week after signup.

  2. Who can participate?

    Everyone can become HitBTC affiliate partner. Go to and join our partnership program.

  3. Can HitBTC partner promote referral links on several resources (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs etc.).

    There are no rules limiting this type of activities. Partner can generate unlimited number of referral links, use them for different resources and track performance for each channel.

  4. Does HitBTC provide statistics for partners?

    Statistics is provided for each partner via Each partner is able to check his total earnings and number of referrals sorted by referral link. Daily/weekly/monthly performance reports will be available soon.

  5. How much does HitBTC partner earn?

    HitBTC partner earns from 20 to 40% of trading fees, depending on referrals' total trade volume on HitBTC: Bronze partner: 20% commission from the very first referrals Silver partner: 30% commission from $150,000/month trading volume Gold partner: 40% commission from $600,000/month trading volume

  6. How can partner upgrade his/her partner level?

    Partner level is checked every month based on last calendar month total trading volume of his/her referrals.

  7. How affiliate payments are calculated?

    The total volume of referral trading operations is calculated daily, affiliate revenue is converted to USD at exchange rate at the end of the day. All affiliate payments will be credited in USD only.

  8. Can partner exchange his/her USD affiliate payment to another currency?

    Yes. Partner can move his/her funds from main to trading account and exchange it to any currency supported by HitBTC. More about trading on Trading FAQ section.

  9. How often does affiliate partner receive earnings?

    Payments are being made on a weekly basis. The corresponding amount is paid to partners main account on HitBTC.

  10. Can partner earn commissions for his/her own trading operations?

    No. In case of such attempt HitBTC is eligible to deactivate partners profile with no payout.