Cryptocurrency operations

  1. What is the minimum cryptocurrency deposit or withdrawal?

    The minimum withdrawal for each transaction is determined by network fee, and the withdrawal sum must be larger than the fee.

    There is no minimum deposit limit for cryptocurrency operations.

  2. What are HitBTC's fees for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals?

    No fees for deposit and minimal network fee for withdrawal.

    Currency Deposit Withdrawal (Network Fee)
    BTC No fee

    Flat rate 0.00085 ฿

    LTC No fee

    Flat rate 0.001 Ł

    DOGE No fee

    Flat rate 1 D

    NXT No fee Flat rate 1 NXT
    BCN No fee Flat rate 0.01 BCN
    NBT No fee Flat rate 0.02 NBT
    XDN No fee Flat rate 0.001 XDN
    QCN No fee Flat rate 0.005 QCN
    XMR No fee Flat rate 0.1 XMR
    FCN No fee Flat rate 0.000001 FCN
    LSK No fee 0.1 LSK
    STEEM No fee 0.01 STEEM
    SBD No fee 0.01 SBD
    EMC No fee 0.01 EMC
    SC No fee 10 SC
    ARDR No fee 1 ARDR
    ZEC No fee 0.0001 ZEC
  3. Can you cancel my transaction?

    All transactions on any cryptocurrency network are designed to be irreversible and we have no control over them. Knowing this, it's extremely important to make sure your transaction details are correct before you click send.

  4. Can I transfer funds from my HitBTC account to another HitBTC account?

    There is no special option for internal transfers between two HitBTC accounts. This operation should be performed as your regular withdrawal.

  5. I have 0.1000000001 on my Trading account. Can I transfer the full sum to the Main account?
    The minimum transfer sum is 1 satoshi, or 0.00000001 BTC. The smaller amounts of Bitcoin will remain unavailable on your Trading account till the total sum reaches 1 satoshi, which you are able to transfer to the Main account.